Be understood

There are always different perspectives of the best information architecture. But like in physical architecture, the best hierarchy involves usecases, the ecosystem surrounding it and a structured process. I can help you distill the essence of your message and tailor it to the needs of your audience.

get heard

Once you know what to say, i can help you to streamline your USPs across the customer journey. The right approach is abstract, modular and adapts to different media. The efficiency of your budget is dependent on proper conception.

Brands I worked with:

My favorite concepts:

Future Living Berlin

Designing a communication concept for a housing project, including carsharing, educational elements und introducing a cooperative living concept.


Following the call of the FAMA collective, i did an exhibition with Teco and Dudu in India. Centerpiece was a 3d printed, digitally augmented plastic: the "flying fatty".

Plusmacher: Haus im Nebel

I always wanted to be involved in a rap video and i always wanted to build a proper big architectural model. This project was a perfect match: recreating a house as a model and projecting on it.

Siemens Energy

Besides knowing her numbers at Siemens, amber really likes hot hatches. You can see her car in the Article. The interview was really fun.

Breakfast Crunch

As a freelancer, not all of the jobs you are hired for, get produced in the end. This one was a very fun though.

on demand

Audi Research Hub

I developed an internal Information architecture for Audi. Education and knowledge-transfer were as important as an system of ownership.

Drifting for High Snobiety

Together with the journalist Oliver Stallwood, we pitched a content bit about illegal racing at the edge of tokio.

on demand

Internal Paper: resilience strategies for political speakers

reworking psychological findings into easy to understand practices.

In the footsteps of Metaverse

Webdesign for a company building virtual stores: i built a site mimicking a futuristic productpage.

Oliver Tschernick Art Director

Oliver Tschernick Art Director